Friday, August 18, 2017

Meet the Teacher

Well, it's official. We had Meet the Teacher last night so we got to see where Sadie will be spending all of her time for the next 9 months. We got to Pink a little early so we could visit the spirit shop in the cafeteria. We got her a new t-shirt & a yard sign while I somehow got talked into joining the PTA :) While we were there, we saw Kenzie & her mom took a few pictures:

Sadie acted shy all night which is not her personality at all. Sophie was running around playing & talking with everyone. In fact, you would have thought she was the student starting school. I mean, look at this picture:

Sadie looks confused & Sophie looks thrilled!

Next we headed to Pod 1 where the kindergarten & 1st grade classes are until we found:

That's right, Sadie's teacher is Mrs. Dunham. She is new to Pink but has taught in FISD at another school. We actually met her at an Easter event last spring because she is a friend of a friend. Who knew she would be Sadie's teacher:

We found Sadie's desk right away & she got settled in:

Actually, it's not a desk, but a small table with 4 chairs. She sits with 1 other girl & 2 boys. We pre-ordered her school supplies & they were already there waiting for us. Thank goodness we did because most families did & they were all thrown in to groups & mixed up with nothing labeled so I am glad I took everyone else's advice in not wasting the time or money choosing our own. We then had a little scavenger hunt around the room where she found where everything was. Her favorite spot was the locker outside to hang her backpack:

And she liked both of the reading areas:

Of course we took the obligatory family pictures because we were all so excited for her:

Of course we were one of the last families to leave but on our way out, we stopped by the library to meet the counselor. While in there, we ran in to her friend Addie:

I'm so glad we met a few friends this summer so at least she recognizes a few faces around the school. None of her friends are in her class, but I am glad she will get to meet new friends. We are so excited for this new adventure & are on the countdown for Monday morning!

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