Monday, September 17, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

The girls have been begging me to decorate for Halloween & I keep reminding them that it is only September. Of course they don't understand when they see Halloween in every store you visit! So Sophie & I decided to surprise Sadie & we put Halloween sheets on both of their beds & laid out there Halloween pajamas while she was at school on Friday:

I figure they only get to sleep on them for about a month every year so why not start a little early!

That night, we finally got to practice soccer which was the first time in a few weeks:

Afterwards we went to dinner with a few friends & of course it started storming. Again. So all of the morning games were cancelled on Saturday. That means Sadie's 2nd game in a row was cancelled. She still hasn't officially started fall soccer yet :( But it dried up enough for Sophie's team to play that afternoon. It was so dang hot out there - everyone had lots of water & umbrellas:

But they did awesome! This was their 3rd season together & it was by the far the best they have ever done. They tied 8-8 but we basically considered that a win because I think 8 goals in 1 game is more than they ever scored for the entire season last year! Sophie hustled, was aggressive & the best we have ever seen her play. She even scored her first official goal:

We were so proud of all of the girls & I have a feeling it will be a fun season:

Especially since this guy is their coach:

While we were melting away outside, Sadie was living it up at a birthday party at Crayola:

She had fun with all of her friends & I have to thank Julianne for taking her so I wouldn't miss Sophie's game. 

The past 2 Sundays, Bryan has attended open houses for 2 of the new elementary schools in town & each week one of the girls has gone with him:

Can you tell they are different schools? Same floor plans so they look very similar but they are different. Both girls had fun going with their Dad to one of his "work events" but I also think they liked the cookies that came along with it :) I think this one is ready for school as soon as they will accept her:

Friday, September 14, 2018

Life Lately

I'll start with a favorite of the girls right now - their new Buc-ee's t-shirts:

Bryan had to make a quick road trip to Houston & when he came home, he brought these for the girls. They have always wanted a Buc-ee's shirt, especially a tie-dyed one!

We went to our first high school theater performance of the school year & saw Alice in Wonderland. The girls' favorite character was Cheshire Cat:

Sunday morning breakfast at church:

Afterwards Sophie & I went to a baby shower & she got so excited when we pulled up & saw this sign in their front yard:

Sadie celebrated grandparent's day at school & she was fortunate to have both of her grandmothers come visit her for lunch:

Of course Sophie got most of their attention since she isn't in school yet!

Speaking of lunch at school:

Sadie still loves buying her lunch at school! Every Sunday night we look at the lunch menu for the week & she gets to pick one day to buy :)

This super girl had a special lunch date with her dad at the mall one day:

And since we love to eat, it's a good thing these 2 had dentist appointments. Last time Sophie had a major breakdown & she ended up not getting her teeth cleaned, so we talked it up for a few days & she let Sadie go first so she could see how brave she was:

There might have been tears but luckily we go to church with our dentist & he did awesome! He was able to calm her down & eventually we got her teeth cleaned as well:

Finally, I have always painted the girls nails, but this year (meaning 1st grade year) Sadie asked if she could start painting her own:

She did pretty good! Sophie on the other hand, still needs a little help:

And that's life lately! Here's hoping we have clear weather on Saturday so the girls can actually play their first soccer game this season.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fall Happenings

Since Sophie returned to school last week, we are officially back in the swing of things. The girls are both going to swim lessons once a week. Sadie is going one afternoon after school & is concentrating on her technique so she will be ready to race again next summer. Sophie is going in the morning with 2 of her besties:

These 3 have been swimming with Mrs. Debbie for the past 1 1/2 years. They all took the summer off so you can tell they were excited to be back in the water again!

They are both playing soccer this season & they have had a couple of practices but unfortunately their first games were cancelled due to rain. Hopefully this weekend will be better. At our last practice, Sadie was excited to see her friend Austin:

Sophie is going to gymnastics once a week:

We decided to take a break from dance & let her try this for the fall & then we plan on switching back to dance in the spring so she can do her recital again. Grammy got to come this week & spend the day with her at gymnastics:

while I went to this:

Yep, I got sucked in. I have always volunteered at the school & in her classroom, but I am officially on the PTA board this year which means I had to take a couple of training classes. 

The girls started GA's & Cubbies again on Wednesday nights:

Sophie had her first spirit day at Sonshine:

And we are enjoying walking home from school, hitching rides with friends on their golf carts & having friends over for play dates after school:

Like I said, I loved summer, but I am loving being on a routine schedule again!

Monday, September 10, 2018


One of the coolest things about school these days are the technology advances. Last year Sadie's teacher used a really cool app called SeeSaw, which allowed us to see pictures, videos & homework from Sadie during the school day. This year, her teacher is using SeeSaw again, plus the remind app to text us & a new app I had never heard of called PhotoCircle. Literally last night her teacher uploaded 331 pictures from the first few weeks of school. I had so much fun scrolling through all of the pictures. Most of the kids I recognize, some faces help me put names associated to them & I got to see what all they are doing at school. Some of it I had heard about & some I didn't have a clue! Of course I downloaded a bunch of the pictures to have for myself. 

First up, I might have written that Sadie's school qualified for double recess this year. They have their traditional, normal recess in the afternoon but in the morning they have structured brain breaks:

They also had visits from their counselor & digital learning instructor:

They have lots of independent reading time & all sorts of different places to sit in while they read:

Weekly trips to the library & this year they get to check out 2 books instead of 1:

At lunch they get to choose where they want to sit:

They have morning meetings:

Math manipulatives:

And she loves science! They get to go to the science lab once a week. One day they had to bring teddy bears from home to help with their experiments:

One day they made jitter juice:

She is loving science this year:

It's no wonder she loves going to school every day! So far she is loving her teacher, loving 1st grade & I am loving this new app!