Monday, October 16, 2017

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm 2017

The past couple of years I have taken the girls to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm:

We have usually gone with our MOPS group but since I am not in MOPS this year, I had to plan a separate trip. I knew it would be hard to go with Sadie since she is in school now plus she already went to a different pumpkin patch for her field trip, so Jamie & I decided to make it a special day for the little girls:

They had so much fun sitting together in the back by themselves :) 

When we got there, we headed straight to the animals, but this is as close as they got:

Neither girl really wanted to touch them or feed them so we had to do it! Next up, the hay maze:

I kept telling Jamie it was a world of difference being without Sadie. She is so loud & busy - she would have been running around this maze & would have already conquered it a couple of times. Sophie on the other hand, walked it leisurely & was in no hurry to get out. I don't know if she actually would have found her way out if I wouldn't have helped her!

Their favorite part of the day was the hayride:

They liked it so much we rode it twice :) 

In case you are wondering why we aren't dressed in fall colors or why we are all wearing pink, it was actually mid 90's outside. I gave up trying to look cute in the fall! And we had Good Morning Pink at Sadie's school earlier that morning & it was Pink Out Pink Elementary for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Speaking of pink, Sophie loved the pink piggy hay bale:

The girls started getting hungry so we took a break for lunch:

before heading out to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins:

It was a hot day but we had a great time just spending the day with our little ones. I will always remember our annual trips to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm & will miss going when Sophie starts school:

Friday, October 13, 2017

Life Lately

I know I have already blogged & posted a lot of pictures this week, but would you believe that I actually have more?! It's been a busy week! On Wednesday morning, Sadie woke up excited to find a $2 bill in her tooth fairy pillow:

I tried to take a picture of that hole in her mouth but yet again it's so hard to see when she smiles:

Since Sadie was wearing a Halloween shirt to school, Sophie wanted to wear something Halloween to dance:

I had a Mom's Next meeting, so she spent the morning with Sherry & apparently they had lunch at Chuck E Cheese:

Good timing since Sadie just went last weekend!

On Thursday, it was community helper day at Sonshine so Sophie wore her stethoscope because she likes to play doctor:

Look at all those little helpers in her class:

It was also her first chapel of the year where parents were invited:

She was so excited to see us! And it was so cute watching them since it was their first time & they didn't really know what they were doing yet:

For instance, I'm pretty sure she wasn't supposed to be laying down like that!

While we were at chapel with Sophie, Sadie was having a pep rally at school:

Their school is having their annual fundraiser in 2 weeks & today was the kick off for it. Her class is the Dunham Dream Team & she came home so excited talking about it:

It's been a fun week & we are looking forward to a fun weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

State Fair 2017

Another fall season & another family outing off the bucket list. We have taken the girls to the State Fair of Texas every year since they were born & every year gets more fun. We surprised the girls & picked them up from school on Tuesday & drove straight down there. By the time we parked & walked inside, it was around 4:00 but we lucked out because the weather was perfect - mid 70's. Actually cool enough for a jacket when the sun went down! Our first stop was the Fletcher Corn Dog stand:

It is tradition to get one of these first before we try anything else. We all got one except for Sophie - all she wanted was pizza! The girls were mesmerized people watching, game watching & ride watching but our first stop was at the Little Hands on the Farm Exhibit. We have done this every year so Sadie kind of remembered what to do when we got there:

I didn't take many pictures because we got a little distracted. Notice how Sadie has this confused look on her face? She was walking around really slowly eating her corndog & she finally said, my tooth hurts. Sure enough, it was bleeding & barely holding on to it's last root. I told Bryan that it would definitely fall out sometime tonight so I thought we should be proactive & try to wiggle or pull it out. She was nervous at first & then right after this picture, she just pulled it out. By herself! She was so brave! Of course it slipped out, she was bleeding & we lost it :( It literally fell on the ground somewhere amongst the leaves, acorns & trash blowing around on the farm. Bryan searched for at least 20 minutes & we couldn't find it, but Sadie didn't care. She was just so excited to have lost it:

You can't really see from this picture, but it was her 2nd tooth on the bottom. 

Next up, we went to the children's barnyard. Sophie did not want to feed the animals so she just walked around but Sadie tried to feed & touch as many as she could:

We were lucky to see several babies, including these little piglets:

and this little baby calf who was just born about 20 minutes before we got there:

You can't tell from the picture, but I'm pretty sure we could still see the umbilical cord & the placenta. The mom was really protective of her calf & the baby was excited to eat. It was so cute!

Next stop, the auto show. I have been telling Bryan for the past month or so that I think it's time I get a bigger car so this is us begging him as we looked at the big SUV's:

Sadie liked the jeep for herself:

My personal favorite of the night? The food!!! Bryan got tater twisters (another favorite of his) & we finally found Sophie pizza:

We always try the big winners & this year it was:

I know it sounds absolutely disgusting, but Bryan was so excited to try it & honestly, I was pleasantly surprised! Something about the mix of salty & sweet:

He also surprised the girls with Fried Fruit Loops:

It was ok, but they didn't really eat it. They basically picked the cereal off the top. 

Another family tradition is our annual picture with Big Tex:

Finally we made our way to the midway. The girls had been patiently waiting to ride rides all night!

Sadie rode a couple of the smaller ones with Sophie & then she rode some of the bigger ones by herself:

Can anyone spot Sadie? She is on the pink slide towards the top making her way down :)

Usually I get fried chocolate chip cookie dough, but this year I decided to try something new: fried reese's peanut butter cup with ice cream:

Definitely worth it! It was the perfect way to end the night before we headed home. It was probably the most fun I have had since we have been going. Obviously the girls are older so it's more enjoyable, but it was also pretty special since Sadie lost her tooth :) Until next year, guess I will have to eat regular burgers & candy bars!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autumn at the Arboretum 2017

Every fall we meet up with friends at the Dallas Arboretum to see their annual pumpkin village. This year their theme was The Wizard of Oz, but none of our kids have seen the movie so I don't think they quite got it like we did! But they had fun seeing all of the pumpkins anyway:

As soon as we got there, we headed straight to pumpkin village:

It was really crowded since school was out & it was a holiday, but at least we had plenty of room outside to roam around. There were long lines for face painting though & the kids really wanted to do it so we took turns waiting in line while the kids did other things. First, they got to see the pumpkin carriage:

Then they went to the petting zoo:

Finally it was their time to get their faces painted:

I'm pretty sure this was their favorite part of the day!

We finally ventured out of the craziness of pumpkin village & headed to the hill overlooking the lake so we could have a picnic lunch:

I could have spent a lot more time just wandering around the gardens & seeing all of the fall blooms:

But the kids were ready to head to the children's gardens where they immediately took off their clothes & splashed in the water:

Especially Sophie! She splashed so much that her paint started dripping off her face & she kind of looked like a scary clown!

I didn't take many pictures that afternoon because they were having so much fun running around & playing while we rested in the shade. I'm telling you, it was miserable out there. Eventually we talked them into leaving & before we left, we took a big group picture:

I know I say it all the time, but we are so blessed to have met these amazing moms & their kiddos! We love sharing life with them & it makes me sad to know that these days are running out now that they are getting older. Julianne & I have been going to the Arboretum for years but so glad Lena joined us this time!