Monday, June 26, 2017

MOPS Summer Party

I have been a MOPS group leader for the past 3 years & every year I host a end of the year get together for my table. Usually MOPS is for moms & their kids, but I think it's fun to include the husbands so we can all meet each other since we have heard about each other all year. This year I planned a pool party & cook out but the weather chose not to cooperate. It rained Friday night & Saturday morning but I won't complain because we needed the rain. It actually cleared up that afternoon & turned out to be a beautiful evening with cooler weather. Instead of swimming, we sat outside, visited & let the kids play. It was a perfect evening:

We decided to go with a Mexican theme so Bryan grilled fajitas & everyone brought something to share. The food was delicious & the kids had a blast playing together. I don't think I got pictures of everyone, but I tried to take a few:

A perfect night to end our year. I will miss all of our MOPS friends!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Life Lately

Last week was busy with VBS but this week we have been enjoying every minute of free time that we can! Obviously we have been swimming a lot but we've had some other fun times as well. We started our week with the tooth fairy:

Sadie was a lucky little girl because she got $5! I think the tooth fairy gave her a little extra since it was her first tooth :) It couldn't have been better timing because one of our friends organized a movie date for us & Sadie was so excited to show everyone her missing tooth. It ended up being the perfect day for the movie because it rained that morning. And it we ended up basically having the theater to ourself:

There is absolutely no better way to spend $1 than the summer movie clubhouse!

We had a MOPS play date at the park one morning & they had a snow cone truck there so that was a fun surprise:

Sophie went to camp one morning & Sadie asked if she could get her nails painted:

One hot afternoon, we met friends at the splash pad:

But you know I couldn't post a blog without mentioning the pool. Again. Julianne invited us over one afternoon & it was fun watching the girls get to swim somewhere else:

Even more fun for me to sit on the side & visit with my friends while the kids swam without us :) But the highlight of my week was having a mini reunion with a few of my college girlfriends last weekend:

Heather, Destin & Hollie made the drive to our house last Saturday so we could spend a husband & kid free day together. Bryan spent the day with the girls while we ate, drank & visited the day away. It was so relaxing & we had the best time catching up with each other! I am always thankful that we have been able to stay in touch through the years. Love these ladies!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pool Parties

It is definitely summer in Texas which means we are swimming as much as possible! We are having so much fun now that both of the girls are old enough to enjoy it. We have even more fun when we have friends over to swim with us :) Last week we invited Lilah & Sophia over after VBS:

And we invited our neighbors over one evening while Bryan was gone:

Kenzie & KJ came over one afternoon:

Sophie shocked us all when she climbed to the top of the grotto with the big girls:

She has literally never climbed up there before. She decided she was brave enough to jump in with her noodle & she did awesome:

She had so much fun she did it over & over again until I looked up & realized that she didn't have the noodle. She was actually brave enough to jump without it! I got in the water to catch her if she needed help, but she surprised me & swam under the water directly to me. No fear! I can't believe how far she has grown in the water just in the past few weeks. She can finally keep up with the big girls:

Today we had the Hill family over:

They took turns all day on the grotto & Sophie was excited to show off her new skills with the big kids:

It's been a fun week hanging out with friends in the back yard but to be honest, I am exhausted! I'm not used to swimming this much. Just thankful we have friends to enjoy our summer with:

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hawaiian Falls

Our church always rents Hawaiian Falls the last day of VBS & it is the perfect way to end the week! Tickets are sold much cheaper than normal & you can go any time during the day but the park shuts down to the public from 6:00 - 10:00 that night. Last year Sophie was too little so we had a babysitter for her while we took Sadie & she loved it! This year, we decided both of them were ready to go plus we had 2 extra:

Nat & her family came into town for a wedding so while Daniel took Max to the rehearsal dinner, we took Kason & Zoe with us & the girls couldn't have been more excited:

I took them by myself because Bryan was out of town, but he met us as soon as he flew in. I made all of them stay in the kids area until he got there & then we conquered the rest of the park:

Kason & Sadie were brave enough to conquer almost every slide they were tall enough for while Sophie & Zoe splashed around watching them. After we hit all of the slides, the lazy river & the wave pool, we went back to the kids area. Sophie didn't want to ride any of the kids slides while the other 3 were having a blast, so I finally talked Bryan into taking her. She was very cautious & then slowly one by one, she rode them all:

I am telling you, we have been swimming for the past few weeks & every day she surprises me! She finally is so comfortable in the water & I cannot wait to take her on vacation this summer! So proud of the little fish she has become:

Monday, June 19, 2017

VBS 2017: Galatic Starveyors

Last week the girls & I attended vacation bible school at church & we had a fabulous week! We have fun every year but this year was probably my favorite since both of the girls are finally old enough to truly enjoy it! This year's theme was:

And this year was the first year I taught one of the girls. Jamie & I taught the 3 year old recreation class & we had Sophie & Hayden with us:

I don't know how we lucked out & got the fun class but instead of teaching bible or missions or crafts, we got to play games & take them outside to the play ground. Here are some sweet pictures of our kiddos this week:

I absolutely loved seeing Sophie in action with her friends & getting to spend more time with them also.

This is the first year Sophie was old enough to go to rally in the auditorium & she loved it:

She would sit in my lap every day but would always jump up when it was time to sing & dance:

We also saw the big kids in rally every morning & that was exciting for everyone:

Of course we had theme days. Besides wearing our vbs shirt most of the time, we had crazy sock day:

hat day:

& crazy hair day:

You can't really tell, but Sadie wanted pig tails, one up high & one down low & we used hair chalk so one was pink & one was purple. And then she wanted to add flower bows because she said she wanted her hair to look like a garden :) And of course Sophie wanted the exact same thing:

And one day they had star day so we busted out our patriotic stars & colors for the occasion:

Let me give huge props to Bryan because I had to be there by 8:00 every morning so he would get the girls up, dressed, fed & he would bring them up there by 9:00. Look how cute they look with their side pony tails - great job daddy!

It was such a fun week & rewarding in more ways than one. So thankful to have spent the week with such great friends & my girls: