Friday, May 25, 2018

Life Lately

I know I have blogged a lot this week, but there is so much going on with the end of the school year! Activities are finally coming to an end & we are looking forward to things slowing down. Sadie has loved Girl Scouts but they had their closing ceremony last weekend:

They will be taking a break for the summer but have already registered for next year. I hope Sophie's class will be lucky enough to have a great group of girls like these:

Since we officially opened our pool over Mother's Day weekend, we had our first cook out & pool party with friends last weekend:

Since the girls are older, we stayed up pretty late. In fact, so late we were joking that Nicole could just take the girls upstairs & get them ready for bed & she did! She bathed them & then they played beauty shop downstairs:

We did some baking this week. The girls made a s'mores pie for our cookout & then they helped me make the jello for Sophie's FROG party:

Sophie & KJ have been going to swimming lessons mostly once a week since last September with Mrs. Debbie & we love Mrs. Debbie! But unfortunately, we had our last lesson this week:

I think Sophie will get plenty of practice in our backyard this summer. 

Finally, Sadie was twinning with her friend Hadley at school this week:

They almost look like sisters!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Fully Rely On God

On Tuesday, Sadie had a busy day with field day but Sophie also had a busy day because it was her last day of pre-school at Sonshine Academy in the 3 year old's class:

Bryan was out of town this week & since I had to be at Sadie's school early for field day, I dropped Sophie off at Hayden's house & they got to go to school together:

Aren't they precious?! As soon as I left Sadie's school, I headed toward Sophie's so I could host the end of the school party with Lena. The theme was FROG - Fully Rely on God & luckily I threw this same party for Sadie at this age so I already had ideas ready to go. I made the same snacks we did last time, including jello ponds with gummy frogs:

And of course I had frog cookies made because I am not that kind of a baker!

The kids loved the snacks, in fact, they spent so much time eating & playing with their gummy frogs that we ended up having to cut them off so we could move on to our craft:

For the craft, Lena brought picture frames with a group picture from the class so the kids could have something to remember their friends all summer:

Lastly, we played a game of musical lily pads where the kids jumped around like frogs until they were each eliminated:

Afterwards we let the kids play for one last time & tried to get a few pictures with their friends:

She had a great year with Mrs. Kyle & all of her friends. Most of the kids have been together for 3 years now so I hope they get to be together next year for their final year of pre-school:

Apparently she had such a great day she crashed on the way home:

Looks like the 2 of us will get to spend some extra time together before Sadie gets out of school. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kindergarten Water Balloon Fight

At the spring carnival, Sadie won a kindergarten experience along with several other kids & yesterday they finally got to do it:

After school, they got to stick around & have a water balloon fight with their teachers! The kids were so excited they could hardly wait while the teachers were filling the balloons so sneaky Mrs. Fox turned the hose & sprayed them:

It was a full on water fight students vs. teachers:

Of course it started raining while we were out there so we all ended up getting wet! It was so much fun watching them & the teachers were good sports for participating. Sadie had a blast getting to bomb Mrs. Dunham & doing it with her BFF:

What a perfect way to end Field Day!

Kindergarten Field Day

Yesterday Sadie had her first field day & not only did she have a blast, but we also had perfect weather! Don't get me wrong, it was hot, but at least field day started at 8:30 in the morning. Her class had so many parent volunteers that each kid was assigned 1 buddy instead of being in groups, so she spent the day with Josiah:

Fair warning, I took a lot of pictures so you will see a lot of the 2 of them! You know that's how I roll the first time we do anything :) They had 26 stations & about 2 hours to go through all of them at their own pace. You know how it goes with first time kindergarteners - they wanted to do everything in order:

Sadie loved going to the library & doing Go Noodle videos, but Josiah didn't. Guess the boys don't like to dance as much as the girls. They loved musical chairs - in fact, it got a little competitive out there:

It was hilarious watching them sneak around & trying to hold on to each chair!

They also got a little help from Hero's dad on the basketball court:

I know Sadie is used to shooting on an 8 foot goal, not a 10 foot one!

Of course they saw lots of friends throughout the day:

In case you are wondering why they are wet in this last picture, that's because the last station of the day was the water station. It's funny that most of her friends barely got wet but she was soaked:

She kept going back for more! Once they finished, we had to run around until we found Coach Gary:

Thank goodness we packed an extra set of clothes! I think it is safe to say that Sadie's first field day was a success & next year maybe she we will even be a little wild & stop by stations at random instead of being such a rule follower :)