Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bryan's Life Lately

My life lately blogs have mostly been a photo dump of the random happenings in our life that I happen to catch a picture of on my phone. Every now & then I check Bryan's phone & I am always pleasantly surprised to find a few cute pics on there! Like this picture of the girls taking a bath together:

He is gone a lot but when he is home, he likes to do their night time routine so I am not surprised I found a bath time picture on his phone!

A few weekends ago we went to an alumni event at the Roughriders baseball game & I totally forgot we took a family selfie by the outfield:

The girls LOVE riding the golf cart at church so I was not surprised either when I found a picture of Sadie & Bryan riding on the back on Easter Sunday:

Yep, that's me photo bombing in the background! I didn't even notice until I saw the picture on here!

Apparently Bryan likes to take selfies much more than I do:

I usually can figure out where or what we were doing by everyone's outfits - but this one I have no idea! Looks like they are eating outside somewhere?!

And finally, Bryan has these socks that he got when he lived in Australia. I am pretty sure I tried to get rid of them because Bryan has never worn them, but he wouldn't let me so I put them upstairs in the kids washing machine to play with. Sophie went through a fun period when she liked to wear them every day, especially with her heels:

Gotta love her fashion sense! And a good husband who always takes pictures :)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

After 2 weeks off from soccer, Sadie was THRILLED to have practice again Friday night. She was even more excited when practice ended because her coach brought popsicles:

But it stormed later that night so we got a text at 7:00 in the morning saying that their soccer game was cancelled. Poor girl put her uniform on as soon as she woke up & by the time she came downstairs, she was all ready for her game. Let's just say that she cried when I told her that her game was cancelled :( We made up for it by going to the FC Dallas soccer game with friends later that night:

Don't let these sweet pictures fool you - it was a mad house taking that many kids to the game together!

But it is fun watching them get so excited about soccer.

The next morning Sadie walked into bible class & saw Ellie:

They were best friends at school for 3 years & then her family moved last summer. Sadie really missed her at the beginning of the school year but I think they picked back up with no problem & they loved spending the morning together before she had to drive home.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a stamping party at our house. We invited our friends over to pick pottery, stamp their handprints & footprints while Lori decorated them:

She has made several pieces for us in the past but I am excited to have something new now that they are a little older. I'll have to post a picture when I get the pieces back!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Pink Fun Run

Our neighborhood elementary school where Sadie will start Kindergarten next year had their first community fun run last night sponsored by their running club, the Pink Pacers:

I registered our family since most of our neighbors would be there & I knew Sadie would have fun getting to experience one of her first events at Pink. It was also a fundraiser for the school. As soon as we got there, we saw the Baird family:

I didn't register Sophie because she is still pretty young & I didn't think she could make it 2.2 miles so we let her bring her scooter :) Sadie loves to run & has done races with us before so she was excited:

We lined up at the back of the starting line because most of the kids were older & Sophie had her scooter:

And then we took off! Sadie started strong so I ran with her while Bryan stayed behind with Sophie. After the first half mile, another neighbor, Hadley met up with us. Hadley is in the 1st grade at Pink & Sadie idolizes her. So from this point on, Sadie no longer wanted to run with me but do whatever Hadley was doing, which mostly included walking, talking & cutting corners:

She was too cool to run with me anymore :( Finally at the end, I encouraged her to sprint to the finish line & she finished strong:

I was so proud of her for finishing 2.2 miles & not giving up! Everyone got a ribbon when they crossed the finish line but later during the awards ceremony, they had medals for the top 3 boys & girls in each grade & she was bummed she didn't win anything. But her competitive spirit must have kicked in because she said next year she was going to run the entire thing & win!

We stayed for a while celebrating at the carnival with food, games & sno cones. We even ran into the spirit guy:

This guy lives on our side of town & we see him ALL the time! He is always running around West Frisco in these crazy outfits with these crazy colorful signs that read positive messages. He has became famous in Frisco for being such a positive example to the community. Everyone waves & honks at him and he has even been on the news several times.

I think we were one of the last families to leave while they were cleaning up (the girls were determined to bounce as long as they could in the bounce house before they kicked them out!) so while we were walking to our car, Bahama Bucks dumped all of their left over ice & we had a snow ball fight:

The perfect way to end our night, especially after our race. We are looking forward to many more events at Pink Elementary when Sadie starts in the fall!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Troll Party

We got invited to a troll birthday party this past weekend & the girls were so excited! Everyone is really into Princess Poppy right now:

The party was outside & it was perfect weather. She had a dj playing music, a station for dressing up, games & a coloring station.  The girls couldn't have had more fun:

You can't really tell from the pictures, but I even added colors to the girls hair. They had strips of pink, blue & purple. Here is the birthday girl, Hayden with her sister Tatum:

And what's a party without pizza & cupcakes:

What a great party Jamie! The girls had a blast & we loved celebrating with Hayden:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

We have been celebrating Easter for the past month & now I can't believe it is already over. I wouldn't say we had the best weather because it was overcast most of the day, but at least it was warm & it didn't rain. The Easter bunny snuck in Saturday night while the girls were sleeping & surprised them with several goodies:

That Easter bunny does a good job getting the girls ready for summer :) They got new movies for vacation this summer, some new pool toys & goggles. They woke up & ran downstairs like it was Christmas morning:

They could see their baskets & hidden eggs from the second floor :) Sadie ran straight to her basket & found the movies first:

Followed by Sophie who was delighted to find goggles:

Sadie loves movies & has been really wanting Moana. Sophie just started wearing goggles at swimming lessons this semester & asked Santa for some for Christmas. Thank goodness Santa spread the news to the Easter Bunny!

That sneaky bunny also hid eggs around the house so the girls had fun hunting:

Thank goodness the girls aren't old enough to realize that all of the eggs were recycled from previous hunts. Let me clarify, not just the plastic egg, but the candy & money that was inside :)

We decided to go to late service at church so we wouldn't be rushed that morning, so after our hunt, I made a big breakfast while the girls watched Moana. We only saw it once at the theater so I forgot how much I love the music! Before we left for church, I made us take family pictures:

After church we headed to Grammy & Grandpa's house for lunch. They surprised the girls with Easter cupcakes:

and another Easter egg hunt!

The girls found more treasures in their eggs:

Thank you Granny, Grammy & Grandpa for all of our Easter goodies! Lunch was delicious & we enjoyed the company.

We finally headed home & we had 1 more surprise for the girls:

We heated up the hot tub so they could try out their new pool toys & goggles:

It was a fun & relaxing weekend and I have already packed up Easter & moved on. Especially after swimming in the hot tub last night, we are on the count down for summer!