Monday, November 19, 2018

Pink Turkey Trot 2018

Last Friday, before Sadie got out for the Thanksgiving holiday, her school had their 1st annual Turkey Trot. Everyone was asked to get there early & to bring a can of food to donate. It was cold but not miserable. In fact, once Sadie started running, she decided she wasn't even cold anymore & didn't need her jacket:

I'm not sure how far they ran, but she had fun. She met up with one of her classmates, Avery & I think they spent most of the morning together:

Sophie does not like the cold or running, so I let her sleep in while Bryan took Sadie:

Hopefully next year we'll both join them since Sophie will finally be at school with Sadie. Not a bad turn out for their first trot:

Guess this turkey trot was just a practice run for the real one on Thanksgiving morning!

Friday, November 16, 2018

US Soccer Hall of Fame

Back in October, Bryan & I were invited to the opening ceremony for the US Soccer Hall of Fame. Somehow these pictures got lost sitting on my computer but I wanted to share them because the museum is awesome! We can't wait to take the girls back. As soon as we got there, we got to walk the red carpet & take pictures:

We got to spend some time exploring the museum, looking at memorabilia & Bryan had fun trying out all of the virtual soccer exhibits:

He was having so much fun, one of the news crew came over to interview him:

Eventually we headed inside for dinner:

Before we ate, we got to sit through the induction ceremony for this year's nominees into the hall of fame & we were treated to these really awesome scarves:

We may have snagged a few extra for the girls :) After dinner & the ceremony, we got to head outside for a concert. The hall of fame was built in the end zone of Toyota Stadium, which is where FC Dallas plays. They haven't had any concerts since they were under construction so they had the concert in conjunction with opening weekend:

We had a great view of Imagine Dragons. It might have been chilly out there & we definitely weren't dressed for a concert, but we had so much fun rocking out!

I was wearing a short, sleeveless dress & he had on a long sleeve shirt with a suit & somehow he was so cold he had to wrap his scarf around his bald head to keep him warm:

It was a fun night & we are so excited the Hall of Fame has finally opened. We are so fortunate to have such an awesome facility so close to our house. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Frisco Community Parade 2018

Don't know how we lucked out, but originally we had this past weekend open since soccer was supposed to be over but then our games got rescheduled & literally they were right before & right after the parade. We got there just in time to jump in the back of Frisco ISD's truck while Bryan walked the parade route with the other board members:

Apparently Bryan snuck a picture of us when he ran over to the truck to get a refill on candy:

Frisco ISD is always at the beginning of the parade, so when it was over, Bryan took Sophie & they watched the rest of the parade with friends:

It sounds like she had an awesome time & she came home with a ton of candy! Sadie & I ran to the back of the parade & met up with all of the girl scout & boy scout troops:

Of course we had fun with our local scout friends but we also saw some of our friends from other troops also:

The girls were so good & we cleaned out our Halloween candy before we went. We kept quite a bit, but they got rid of a lot so Sadie had a bunch to pass out during the parade:

We had fun seeing friends along the way, in fact, her GA teacher from church saw us & took a picture:

Halfway through the parade in downtown where the main stage is, the mayor was announcing the floats & Sadie was pretty excited because he called her out. We happen to be friends with him so when he saw Sadie, he called out "Little Dodson". Sadie was so confused she was looking around!

But our favorite part of the parade was when we saw Bryan & Sophie waiting & watching for us:

Let's just say she might have gotten a little more candy than everyone else! 

It was a fun morning & I am so glad both girls got to participate in the parade. It is an annual tradition in our family that we look forward to every year:

Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up

I know that's just a catchy title I use often, but honestly, this weekend felt great because we actually did wrap something up - soccer! It was supposed to end a few weeks ago but this crazy weather definitely delayed it. The girls both had a game on Saturday & a game on Sunday. And it was freezing out there! Usually fall soccer is hot out there but this weekend we had to drag out the hats, gloves, blankets, etc. to keep warm:

It was a fun season but I am so glad it is over. We are ready for an indoor sport!

The girls & I went shopping & they both packed angel boxes for Samaritan's Purse to drop off at church on Sunday:

We came home, turned on a fire & watched football all night after being outside all day. The girls made slime & Sadie wanted to do a video about it:

I thought it would be funny to take a picture of the video because this happens often at our house. Sadie is obsessed with watching videos on You Tube & she is constantly asking us to make one:

Finally, Sadie had a Girl Scout meeting last night & they collected blankets for Share the Warmth. After their meeting, a few of us drove up to a local mattress store to deliver them:

It was fitting to have a blanket drive with the crazy cold weather we had this weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Life Lately

This week has finally returned back to normal after the craziness of Halloween. Nothing much to share but a few random pictures, mostly from Sadie's school:

Love that their school & her teacher are constantly sharing glimpses from their school day!

Last week they had a pep rally for the Warrior Dash & unfortunately parents weren't invited but I sure saw some fun pictures from Watson's Wonders:

This week they've had their fall book fair so I had the privilege of getting to run the cashier all morning while all of the kids shopped:

Sophie's had a great week too:

Someone shared this picture of her & Hayden on the play ground at church. Everyone else was playing & the two of them were in their own little world:

And look who had soccer pictures:

That's not the official photo, that's me standing behind the photographer trying to sneak a picture! Soccer was supposed to be over last weekend but we have 2 make up games scheduled for this weekend - guess we will see if we actually get to play. I am so ready to wrap this season up!