Monday, April 10, 2017

Life Lately

This past week was crazy. Somehow everything for Easter happened a week earlier than I imagined so last week was busy & this week it slows down. When life is busy, I usually take a lot of pictures! I tried to catch up on a few of my blogs this weekend, but there were still a lot that hadn't talked about yet so here is a brief run down of what else was going on last week.

Now that we have finished our outside work & everything is clean again, we have been living outside. The girls have been asking to eat outside for every single meal:

One night I hosted bunco:

I literally started planning this back in February so I wish I would have taken pictures of all the cute Easter gifts I bought. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of that but took a picture of all the Easter candy I bought:

We have 3 tables for bunco so I tried to spread out small bowls of chocolate & non chocolate candy across all of them. And it worked perfectly because I used the left over candy for the play date we had at our house later in the week.

We forgot to take a group picture last month so I made sure we got one this time:

We also had our regular MOPS meeting but the meeting before Easter is always Tea & Testimony, which is always my favorite! We all get dressed up & the mentor moms decorate the tables. The girls wanted to dress up & wear one of their Easter outfits also:

Lisa, our mentor mom did an awesome job with our table!

We had a yummy catered brunch & then we all cried the rest of the morning while 3 women gave their testimonies. I'm sad to think that I only have 2 more meetings with this women & then I will be moving on to another phase of life. I have been in MOPS for 5 years & it has truly been a blessing to be surrounded by such great women:

Over the weekend we went to the Frisco Roughrider's baseball game to meet up with other alumni from my alma mater, LCU:

It was a small crowd but I knew most of the people there. These 2 girls above were good friends of my sister so I took a picture & sent it to her. The girls loved being outside at the game, eating the food & cheering on the side with their friends Emmy & Harlow:

Yesterday was our first afternoon & evening at home all 4 of us together after a busy week so we stayed home & watched the golf tournament with Bryan. He has Sadie brain washed already & she loves Jordan! While the tournament ended, we dyed eggs for the first time & Sadie thought it was so fun:

We even added a little glitter & made them sparkly:

Once our eggs were done & golf was finally over (go Sergio!) we grabbed the girls' scooters & headed towards the trails by our house. We went over 2 miles & I still can't believe Sophie made it! That is the farthest she has ever gone. Bryan & I decided we need to start riding our bikes or jogging because we can't keep up with them on their scooters anymore. The only thing I regret is not taking my phone out there with me because Sophie looked so cute scooting around in her cupcake princess dress. Her little tutu kept blowing up with the wind & she was flashing everyone with her cute little flower panties :) She basically looked like this:

Cupcake princess dress - check. Daddy's socks from Australia - check. Princess Ariel heels - check. Now just imagine her little dress blowing in the wind while she scooted around the neighborhood :) It was a fun way to start the week as a family!

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