Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Eggstravaganza 2017

Somehow we lucked out & Sadie's soccer team had a bye last weekend so we able to go to the annual Easter Eggstravaganza that the City puts on. We have been a few times in the past & this year was the most fun yet because both of the girls were old enough to fully enjoy it & the weather was perfect! They had 80,000 Easter eggs spread out over several soccer fields:

They do a good job dividing the ages between fields so of course the girls were in different hunts. Last year I was with Sophie & Bryan was with Sadie, so this year we switched it up:

He did a better job at taking pictures than I did. Apparently she did good & got a lot of eggs all on her own:

Sadie's hunt was a bit different. She ran so fast, I had a hard time catching up with her & getting any pictures:

They were both pretty happy with their stash when they met back up:

They always have a lot of other fun things that the girls would love to do like bounce houses & face painting, but it was too crowded so we only braved the line long enough to see the Easter Bunny:

As we were walking out, we ran into KJ & Kenzie:

Seriously, we had no idea they would be there & out of that many people there, we actually ran into someone we knew?!

We rushed home to watch the Masters golf tournament & had fun checking out their loot:

Thank goodness Easter is around the corner because I don't know how many more Easter egg hunts I can handle :)

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