Friday, October 13, 2017

Life Lately

I know I have already blogged & posted a lot of pictures this week, but would you believe that I actually have more?! It's been a busy week! On Wednesday morning, Sadie woke up excited to find a $2 bill in her tooth fairy pillow:

I tried to take a picture of that hole in her mouth but yet again it's so hard to see when she smiles:

Since Sadie was wearing a Halloween shirt to school, Sophie wanted to wear something Halloween to dance:

I had a Mom's Next meeting, so she spent the morning with Sherry & apparently they had lunch at Chuck E Cheese:

Good timing since Sadie just went last weekend!

On Thursday, it was community helper day at Sonshine so Sophie wore her stethoscope because she likes to play doctor:

Look at all those little helpers in her class:

It was also her first chapel of the year where parents were invited:

She was so excited to see us! And it was so cute watching them since it was their first time & they didn't really know what they were doing yet:

For instance, I'm pretty sure she wasn't supposed to be laying down like that!

While we were at chapel with Sophie, Sadie was having a pep rally at school:

Their school is having their annual fundraiser in 2 weeks & today was the kick off for it. Her class is the Dunham Dream Team & she came home so excited talking about it:

It's been a fun week & we are looking forward to a fun weekend!

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