Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autumn at the Arboretum 2017

Every fall we meet up with friends at the Dallas Arboretum to see their annual pumpkin village. This year their theme was The Wizard of Oz, but none of our kids have seen the movie so I don't think they quite got it like we did! But they had fun seeing all of the pumpkins anyway:

As soon as we got there, we headed straight to pumpkin village:

It was really crowded since school was out & it was a holiday, but at least we had plenty of room outside to roam around. There were long lines for face painting though & the kids really wanted to do it so we took turns waiting in line while the kids did other things. First, they got to see the pumpkin carriage:

Then they went to the petting zoo:

Finally it was their time to get their faces painted:

I'm pretty sure this was their favorite part of the day!

We finally ventured out of the craziness of pumpkin village & headed to the hill overlooking the lake so we could have a picnic lunch:

I could have spent a lot more time just wandering around the gardens & seeing all of the fall blooms:

But the kids were ready to head to the children's gardens where they immediately took off their clothes & splashed in the water:

Especially Sophie! She splashed so much that her paint started dripping off her face & she kind of looked like a scary clown!

I didn't take many pictures that afternoon because they were having so much fun running around & playing while we rested in the shade. I'm telling you, it was miserable out there. Eventually we talked them into leaving & before we left, we took a big group picture:

I know I say it all the time, but we are so blessed to have met these amazing moms & their kiddos! We love sharing life with them & it makes me sad to know that these days are running out now that they are getting older. Julianne & I have been going to the Arboretum for years but so glad Lena joined us this time!

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