Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sky Ranch

Last year I got invited to a luncheon for Sky Moms. I went & quickly fell in love! Of course I had fun at lunch with some girlfriends, but more importantly, I loved hearing about Sky Ranch. It is a summer camp in a Christian environment with locations in Colorado & Texas. Their overnight camp starts in 1st grade, but they have a day camp, that's called Launch Camp that starts when you are entering Kindergarten. The more I researched it, the more excited I got. Several of our friends & neighbors with older kids have gone to Sky Ranch & every single person I know recommends it. So I talked some other moms into going with us & the girls finally went to their first church camp last week:

We have been talking about it all month so she was so excited it was finally time to go! Camp was every day from Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 4:00. She has never gone to anything that long so it was actually good practice for kindergarten :) As soon as we got there, we saw Anna Grace so they got to go in together:

She came home on Monday afternoon with all sorts of goodies: backpack, t-shirt, watch, sunglasses, a water bottle & more:

The first thing she said was "Mom, it was AWESOME! Can I come back tomorrow?!" The whole point of the camp is to get them ready for overnight camp. She was in a group called Lil Sal which was girls her age all starting kindergarten:

The groups are called cabins & they have counselors instead of teachers. They set up tents in the gym & every cabin had their own tent where they met for lunch & bible studies:

Sophie actually did pretty good while Sadie was gone but we tried to make her week extra special with her own play dates:

We noticed that a lot of kids were carpooling so Julianne & took turns taking the girls in the morning:

On Friday afternoon, they invited the parents to a closing ceremony so they could perform for us, we could meet their counselors & take pictures. Lil Sals were the first ones to enter & the girls were so excited to see us & perform:

Afterwards we met at their cabin & each girl got an award:

Sadie won the smoothie award:

I looked down & thought it was so cute seeing Sophie, Gavin & Crosby watching their sisters:

We got to meet her counselors, Abigail & Keegan:

and the girls absolutely loved them both! They had an awesome week full of bounce houses, water slides, games, devotionals, songs & so much more. She came home happy & her heart filled. Launch camp was a great experience for us & I have a feeling there will be many more weeks at Sky Ranch in our future for both girls & their friends:

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