Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

We had a busy weekend so we had a low key Father's Day planned. After church, we took Bryan to Fireside Pie's because that is one of his favorite restaurants. In fact, it's kind of become our new tradition:

I realized at lunch that I hadn't gotten a picture of the girls with Bryan yet but this is the best I could get. Sadie playing with her pizza dough, Sophie's crazy hair & both of them looking in different directions. While we were at lunch, Sadie started crying & I thought that she bit her tongue until I realized that her mouth was bleeding. She got a loose tooth about a week ago & apparently when she bit in to the pizza it must have really made it looser. It didn't fall out but I had to clean her up & she was careful eating.

When we left the restaurant I tried for one more picture outside & got better results:

When we got home, we put Sophie down for a nap & then Sadie was having quiet time in our bedroom while Bryan was napping. She was playing on her tablet & somehow got the courage by herself to pull her tooth out:

This time it hardly bled & she was so excited she started jumping up & down, yelling, woke up Bryan & ran around the house to find me! We were so excited! I kept telling her that this was such a special moment & we always remember that her first tooth fell out while she was taking a nap with daddy on Father's Day:

Thank goodness we were prepared because she got a tooth fairy pillow for Christmas:

Every single time I walk in Sadie's room during the night, she wakes up so I knew it would be impossible for the tooth fairy to work her magic underneath her pillow, but I found these pillows that hang on their door & knew it was perfect!

We cleaned her tooth & she took it straight upstairs to put it in her pillow & to wake Sophie up & show her. It was adorable listening to her tell Sophie all about it. She actually said "It didn't hurt at all Sophie - it felt like a rainbow!" and then she said "Mommy, my heart is crying inside because it is so happy!"

We let the girls have a slumber party tonight & both of them were so excited for the tooth fairy they could hardly go to sleep. Guess we will see if they are lucky enough for a visit:

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