Friday, May 19, 2017

Tagging Along on a Business Trip

Bryan has always traveled & I used to tag along more often, especially when I just had Sadie, but now that we have 2 children & their schedules are getting busier, it's getting harder to sneak away. Plus, they were free to fly until they turned 2! When I was by myself on Wednesday, I thought, I should do a post about tagging along with him. What exactly does a stay at home mom do while her husband is working?

To start with, I slept in. I say that half heartedly. I am a morning person & don't exactly how to sleep in but at least I had the choice of being lazy. Bryan on the other hand set his alarm for 5:00. He got up early, went for a run around the city, worked, got ready, had breakfast & left for a business meeting by 8:00. I might have just been starting my day while we he was leaving for his :)

He said it was a perfect morning outside so I followed his suggestion & ran the Charles river:

Excuse the horrible picture of me, but I stopped mid run to take a selfie with the river & the city behind me. I ran 4 miles which is more than what I usually run at home & my pace was faster than normal but I guess the cooler weather & better view helps:

Since I wasn't in a hurry, I went up to the gym at the hotel to finish my work out:

Eventually I made it back downstairs for brunch:

I sat there for an hour enjoying a nice, long, quiet brunch while I read. Finally I figured I better head up to the room to clean up & pack. Bryan was at a meeting all morning & he sent me a couple of pictures:

Not a bad view when giving a presentation, huh?!

We had a lunch time flight so he went straight from his meeting to the airport & I took a cab from the hotel & met him there. One of the great things about a quick trip with no kids is our lack of luggage:

We both had a small suitcase that we carried on & I had my purse. That was it! Well, technically, we had a box of pastries that we carried on but didn't have to carry off the plane :) It was another 4 hour flight home & when I finished my book, I knocked off a couple of magazines. Bryan usually sleeps on planes but honestly, I enjoyed having 8 hours of quietness to read &/or watch a show without children!

Obviously the trip is relaxing for me while Bryan still has the pressure of doing his job, but I think he enjoys the company every now & then:

That's how I found him - working at the airport :)

But I love traveling with him & I think it's our favorite hobby to do together!

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