Monday, March 20, 2017

Rock-n-Roll 2017

Bryan ran the Rock-n-Roll half marathon yesterday & it was his 4th year! I remember him running it the first couple of years & it was hard to get down there in time with a baby & a toddler but this year was easy. His cheerleaders were ready to go & waiting for him at the finish line:

I get text alerts during the race at each split & he was looking really strong at the 5k & 10k marks, but then I got his 10 mile time & could tell he had slowed down. Unfortunately, he did not do as good as he hoped, but he finished in less than 2 hours:

It was the same course as last year & I told him we would be in the same spot so as soon as he came across the bridge & down the hill, he was looking for us. We were completely shocked when he came straight over to us & kissed all 3 of us! He usually barely gives us a wave & then finishes the race strong. Afterwards he told us that he was exhausted during the race, knew he couldn't beat his time & had a feeling this would be his last endurance long distance race so he was focused on seeing us & celebrating at the end. This sweet lady next to us caught it all on her camera & sent me the pictures:

Wasn't that so nice?! After that, he sprinted to the finish line & we eventually met him in Reunion Park:

We think he did great & are so proud of him for finishing & doing it under 2 hours, even though it wasn't his best time. He had a harder time training this year, he had a long, stressful week at work which I think impacted him mentally, it was unseasonably hot & his left leg was bothering him. All that to say that he is looking forward to running, but shorter distances. Looks like he will stick to 5k & 10k's like me! We took one last picture downtown before we headed out:

We headed straight to Manny's for lunch because Bryan was ready to splurge on Mexican food. Later that night, we ended the day with our first official sno cone of the season:

What a perfect way to end the day & celebrate his success!

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