Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

We have been celebrating Easter for the past month & now I can't believe it is already over. I wouldn't say we had the best weather because it was overcast most of the day, but at least it was warm & it didn't rain. The Easter bunny snuck in Saturday night while the girls were sleeping & surprised them with several goodies:

That Easter bunny does a good job getting the girls ready for summer :) They got new movies for vacation this summer, some new pool toys & goggles. They woke up & ran downstairs like it was Christmas morning:

They could see their baskets & hidden eggs from the second floor :) Sadie ran straight to her basket & found the movies first:

Followed by Sophie who was delighted to find goggles:

Sadie loves movies & has been really wanting Moana. Sophie just started wearing goggles at swimming lessons this semester & asked Santa for some for Christmas. Thank goodness Santa spread the news to the Easter Bunny!

That sneaky bunny also hid eggs around the house so the girls had fun hunting:

Thank goodness the girls aren't old enough to realize that all of the eggs were recycled from previous hunts. Let me clarify, not just the plastic egg, but the candy & money that was inside :)

We decided to go to late service at church so we wouldn't be rushed that morning, so after our hunt, I made a big breakfast while the girls watched Moana. We only saw it once at the theater so I forgot how much I love the music! Before we left for church, I made us take family pictures:

After church we headed to Grammy & Grandpa's house for lunch. They surprised the girls with Easter cupcakes:

and another Easter egg hunt!

The girls found more treasures in their eggs:

Thank you Granny, Grammy & Grandpa for all of our Easter goodies! Lunch was delicious & we enjoyed the company.

We finally headed home & we had 1 more surprise for the girls:

We heated up the hot tub so they could try out their new pool toys & goggles:

It was a fun & relaxing weekend and I have already packed up Easter & moved on. Especially after swimming in the hot tub last night, we are on the count down for summer!

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