Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break 2017

I know most schools in Texas started spring break this week, but we actually had ours last week. Most of our activities go on hiatus during spring break & we didn't have much going on so I asked the girls if they wanted to go to a day camp. Sophie was thrilled to go back to My Gym where she goes every summer:

She absolutely loves going here & she talks about it every time we drive by. We actually had a lot of friends sign up for camp here so she knew several people, including her buddy KJ:

I asked Sadie is she wanted to go to My Gym since several of her friends were going, but she asked me if she could go to soccer camp. She went to an indoor camp at the PIT last summer & has talked about it since then, so she went to a 3 day camp:

It was from 1:00 - 3:00 in the afternoon & it was well worth the money! On the first day, there were only 10 kids, 3 of them girls so they got a lot of attention & really got great technical training. Her friend Kenzie was there along with a friend of hers, Arden:

That was when I picked her up the first day. Her face was so red & she was dripping in sweat - I don't know if I have ever seen her work that hard! They literally played soccer for 3 hours straight & she loved it! Her favorite part might have been when camp was over & they passed out popsicles! The coaches there were so great they even let Sophie have one :)

On the last day, they had an awards ceremony & they all got medals:

She has already asked if she can go back this summer!

I also spent some time over spring break cleaning out both of their closets getting everything ready for spring & summer:

Can you see Sophie is the background doing a happy dance? She loves trying on clothes & changing clothes every chance she can get. Her closet is ridiculous. Between Sadie & Zoe's hand me downs, that girl needs nothing:

I always want to buy her something but I seriously have to stop myself because she has more than she needs already.

At church last week, Sadie & Tatum were matching:

Not planned but they totally loved it!

We had soccer the first weekend of spring break but not the second weekend so we took advantage of the free time & made a weekend road trip to Conroe:

The girls loved getting to see Daisy! A cool front blew in while we were down there so we didn't spend as much time outside as we had planned, but we still had fun. We took the girls to the rodeo but there will be a separate post about that because I went picture crazy. On Friday, my mom had to work so my dad took us to Incredible Pizza Kitchen. We go there almost every time we visit so I didn't take any pictures but this was Bryan's first time & I think he was impressed. On Saturday, Bryan & I went on a date so my parents took the girls roller skating for the first time:

Apparently going on a Saturday afternoon the weekend of spring break was a bad idea because it was really crowded & there were 11 birthday parties going on! But that didn't stop our girls from having fun :)

My mom also treated the girls to manicures & pedicures and she topped off the weekend by rolling their hair for church Sunday morning:

This was their first time sleeping in sponge rollers but they thought it was fun & looked so pretty the next morning:

It was a quick trip to Conroe but it's always relaxing when we get away for a few days. Thanks Mom & Dad for spoiling all of us! We had a great weekend being lazy & hanging out but we enjoyed every moment!

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